Tervete nature park


The park is one of the top tourism sites in Latvia. Here you can experience picturesque nature, rich cultural history and ancient monuments. Visitors are delighted by the sights of the valley of the river Tervete with its beautiful
landscape and unique old pine forest, with pines approaching 300 years of age.
The park covers a territory of 1,200 hectares, one-third of which is occupied by the world of Fairy Tales, governed by the King of the Forest, dwarves, devils and witches. It is considered to be one of the best and most suitable places for families with kids and those who are still able to view the world through kids' eyes, believing in fairy tales and seeing wonders. Tervete Nature Park has received the award "The Most Family-Friendly Place in Latvia".
Tervete Nature Park was established in 1969. That same year, the first wooden sculptures - Annele with her friends, the berry-pickers - were carved by Krišjanis
Kugra, a sculptor. Sculptures of Spriditis (Tom Thumb), Dwarf and the King of the Forest were set up in the early 1970s. The wooden sculptures ofheroes from the plays of Anna Brigadere, a famous Latvian writer, made the park very popular in Latvia. Later, many other wooden sculptures were added. Today, the park boasts more than 100 sculptures created by different wood sculptors - Ritvars Kalninši (Riga), Andris Donis, Normunds Stenkevics, as well as Riga Trade School students. It is a real open-air exhibition of wooden sculptures!
In the park, one will meet characters from fairy tales and plays by the Latvian writer Anna Brigadere, members of the friendly Dwarf Family, and inhabitants of the Witch's Forest, and experience the World of Mushrooms, Insects and Animals.
Sculptors Krišjanis Kugra and Ritvars Kalninš carved dwarves from wood, and now the Dwarf family has got a whole town with live dwarves. In the playground, there are swings, shelters, tables and benches available. The park features many wooden bridges, staircases and signposts.

Tervetes dabas parka Informacijas centrs,
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